GIRLS&Family Stay [WHITE NAHA]は、那覇市松山にある白を基調とした清潔感あふれる空間で、施設には女性スタッフが常駐しており安心してご滞在いただけます。








GIRLS&Family Stay  WHITE NAHA コンシェルジュ 我喜屋 泰子

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 Thankyou very much for seeing Family stay WHITE Naha!


Family stay WHITE NAHA is for women & families.


We provide a spacious space that is clean and comfortable for women and families, also in each room and area you can relax private time as well. We are located in the center of Naha, easy access to sightseeing spots and transportation facilities are substantial.


Natural rich Okinawa's colorful food is tasty, people are also kind and wonderful. The culture of Okinawa, influenced by such as America and China in the long history, is very unique and attractive.

We are very pleased that many people from all countries visit Okinawa and hope WHITE NAHA will support you as a place to stay your trip.

We wish you a wonderful trip to Okinawa. We are
looking forward to host you.

Thank you very much. Best regards


GIRLS & Family Stay WHITE Naha Concierge  Taiko Gakiya
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